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Why to carry article to want to be restricted strictly to the passenger
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Carrying article to restrict strictly to the passenger is for:

1.Make sure the flight is safe. The passenger carries article, set everybody 5 kilograms, this is to bring into plane load in the plan. If his baggage overweights on average 5——10 kilogram, press a plane 200 people plan, it is 1——2 ton, overweighted so much endangers flight security. Additionally the passenger carries article to exceed big, super- , rack (reach a seat to fall) put do not go in, put in disorder everywhere, jam easily safe passageway or urgent exit, endanger security likewise.
2.Make sure the flight number is normal. The passenger carries article to overweight, super- big, super- , jam extremely easily corridor, the passenger that after making, boards the plane cannot be entered tardy, must lengthen for this sometimes board the plane time, make plane cannot on schedul takes off.
3. carries cabin order. The passenger carries article overmuch, cabin rack is used not quite, some passengers then strive to be the first boards the plane, go rack of race to control, sometimes the passenger can happen for this conflict and even quarrel. This affects cabin order not only, still can affect a passenger harmonious.