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International airliner passenger seizes the opportunity to set
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The passenger takes international scheduled flight, the method such as usable phone, fax, email or booking office of close copy firm or accredit agent book a seat. Had decided the seat of appropriate, the passenger should buy a ticket inside the time limit that agrees beforehand, otherwise, what decide a seat not to grant to withhold.

Viatic certificate

The passenger must do appropriate to leave the country beforehand, enter a country and pass through the territory of a country (if need) the viatic certificate such as the passport that place state institute asks and visa. Our company have authority to reject carry those certificate be thinkinged do not accord with requirement or half-baked passenger.

Seat reconfirm

Had decided the passenger of appropriate add Cheng or return trip seat, if above stays 72 hours in this add Cheng or return trip place, the station must leave 72 hours in this add Cheng or return trip airliner before, formalities of conduction seat reconfirm. Otherwise, decide a seat not to grant to withhold formerly.

To taking our company Guangzhou / Beijing - Amsterdam, Guangzhou - los angeles, Guangzhou - Sydney / the passenger of Melbourne course, be like a passenger decide a record to already offerred passenger ticket date and fare arrive at the content such as information, the seat reconfirm formalities of the international of the return trip that our company do not ask the passenger deals with our company or add Cheng and domestic flight number.

Passenger ticket

Point to “ passenger ticket and luggage check ” , it is the carriage document that carrier or delegate carrier write a fare, it is the proof of the carriage bond between carrier and passenger, the passenger consigns a Li He to seize the opportunity by passenger ticket.

Passenger ticket is restricted only him passenger is used. What should hold passenger ticket is neat, in good condition, via making over, be regarded as invalidated ballot by alter or misshapen passenger ticket.

Passenger ticket period of efficacy

The period of efficacy of common and one-way, round-trip or annulus Cheng passenger ticket is a year. If passenger ticket did not begin to use, from the day computation that fills; If already began a trip, from the day consideration that begins a trip. Visit or the period of efficacy of passenger ticket of special admission fee, the requirement that sets by this fare is dealt with.


Show the passenger comes by airport of ground setting out the aviation that reachs ground airport carries the price. Year full the children of 12 one full year of life and adult buy a ticket by adult fare; Full already two one full year of life and not full the children of 12 one full year of life, because diverse line rate is differ, seek advice to our company please specific collect fees circumstance; The adult is accompanied and not full the baby of two one full year of life can press an adult of regular fare 10% buy a ticket, but cannot enjoy a place alone, and each passengers that pay an adult admission fee can have a baby only enjoy this kind of fare, need takes the baby that uses a seat alone, buy a ticket by children fare. Be received about what accompany children without the adult and carry, contact with our company please.
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