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Management of ceaseless boat construction sets civil airport
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(3) disobey this formulary thirteenth, the member that did not use a worker by formulary discharged enter construction site to perhaps did not press a regulation to clear restore the site;

(4) disobey what stipulate the 14th reachs the 21st originally to concern a provision, value of person specially assigned for a task was not set to defend during construction, restrict area construction more than, do sth without authorization uses bright internal heat, do sth without authorization uses report, gas to undertake cut works soldering mixing, of the other step that the setting indicates about designation or did not take a provision.

The 23rd any individuals have what stipulate the 22nd place lists illegal action originally, can by civil aviaton total bureau or administration of civil aviaton area suggests its are in an unit to give to concerning responsibility personnel disciplinary sanction.

The 24th disobeys this regulation to give an unit or the individual causes person or belongings losing, except according to this regulation gives punishment outside, concerned responsibility unit or the individual ought to assume liability to pay compensation lawfully.

The 25th disobeys this regulation to cause serious consequence to make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully. Supplementary articles of the 5th chapter

The 26th the army and the people is operable the ceaseless boat construction of the airport can consult applicable this regulation.

This the 27th provision applies since released day.

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