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Management of ceaseless boat construction sets civil airport
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The 15th has flight job in the airport during, prohibit be besides track end line of center of 300 meters of less than, runway the area of 60 meters of less than has two side any construction work.

The 16th carries 300 meters in track beyond, track center line two side 60 meters with outskirt region construction, the height of machines and tools, car must not penetrate fraise restricts a range.

The seventeenth outside dividing special approval, in taxiway

, beyond foul line of cover of method of machine level ground of construction, ought to with path (level ground) foul line maintains 7. 5 meters add this airport to use spreading of ala of the largest type to spend 0. The distance of 5 times.

During the 18th construction, check approval without management department of fire control of airport public security, must not use bright internal heat, do not get use report, gas to undertake cut works soldering mixing.

The 19th open drain in construction area excavate and construction material pile up place, must use designation of orange yellow bannerol to be warned in order to show;

Mix in low visibility weather nightly, ought to add set red constant lamplight. Material and the construction rubbish that pile up temporarily ought to be adopted prevent to be flowed to blow the measure that come loose by wind or plane remaining part.

Pair of runway that shut temporarily and the 20th taxiway or its part, ought to according to " standard of technology of division of civil airport flight " (MH5001 - 2000) requirement setting closes a sign, shut the lamplight aiding boat of this runway, taxiway or its part at the same time.

The 21st goes up to all sorts of machine level ground the area that shut, ought to according to " standard of technology of division of civil airport flight " (MH5001 - 2000) requirement, the setting closes a sign. Responsibility of law of the 4th art of composition

Any the 22nd units violate this regulation, those who have one of following state, instruct its to stop to violate act by administration of civil aviaton area, can be in in order to warn or 10000 yuan of above fine 30000 yuan below:

(one) violate this regulation the 5th, did not make ceaseless boat construction carry out detailed rules to perhaps did not sign safe responsibility book to undertake ceaseless boat construction with concerned unit;

(2) violate this regulation the 8th, undertake ceaseless boat construction without approving do sth without authorization;

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