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Management of ceaseless boat construction sets civil airport
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2. Influence plane glides, the circumstance of park and the step that take temporarily;

3. Influence airport fire control, lash-up saves the circumstance of aid passageway and the step that take temporarily;

4. Involve what move inside track entrance, to the step that the method extent mark, lamplight that aid boat takes temporarily;

5. Enter flight division etc to restrict the control measure of the passageway of the area to what install temporarily;

6. To the control measure of the float content in construction, dirt;

7. Control measure to what construction noise etc pollutes;

8. Construction machines and tools affects the airport to run standard circumstance and control measure;

9. During the construction of classics approval, fly to the airport program, take off the circumstance that lands to lowermost standard is affected and change;

10. Affect the circumstance that airport navigation establishment works normally and adopted step.

(5) civil aviaton total bureau falls about adjusting aerostat to rise the file of give an official of moving hour of sortie and airliner.

Eleventh after ceaseless boat construction applies for to be approved via examining, airport administration ought to provide a data in time, issue voyage give public notice by the voyage information branch that is in the airport. Announce releases 7 day hind to just can begin formal construction. The issuance of voyage announce program ought to according to " job of information of civil aviation voyage is regular " (CCAR - 175TM) deal with.

Dozenth because ceaseless boat construction needs to adjust,sortie or airliner fall to run hour since aerostat, deal with of total bureau about the regulation according to civil aviaton by airport administration examine and approve formalities. The 3rd chapter sets commonly

Thirteenth the personnel that enters flight division to be engaged in construction working, machines and tools and car, must take those who get personnel of control tower control to agree beforehand. Before take off in aerostat or landing 1 hour, construction unit ought to clear extensive reproduction field, tunnel of channel of fill and level up, tamp, withdraw construction personnel, machines and tools, car construction site, by the airport the spot directs a department or field Wu safeguards control tower of the announcement after the branch checks qualification.

Unit of the 14th project ought to direct an orgnaization to establish reliable communication connection with airport spot, person value ought to be set to defend during construction.
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