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Management of ceaseless boat construction sets civil airport
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Construction of the 6th ceaseless boat carries out detailed rules to ought to include following content:

(one) airport administration is right the supervisory censorship of project unit;

(2) the harmonious job system that battalion of management department of the transportation in airport administration and sky, aviation carries person etc is stationed in an unit.

Fund place narrates unit and branch to the unity of obedient airport administration is coordinated and ought to manage before, right this unit and the secure job inside this sectional duty limits are responsible, make sure flight safety and flight number are normal jointly.

Administration of the 7th airport ought to strengthen the management of pair of construction personnel and car, execute flight division etc strictly to restrict area pass institution. The 2nd chapter is ceaseless of boat construction examine and approve a program

The 8th carries out what set the 3rd indicating project project originally below ceaseless boat condition, airport administration ought to ask according to what set the 10th originally before the project is carried out administration of area of newspaper civil aviaton is examined and approve.

The approval file of the ceaseless boat construction that administration of civil aviaton area ought to reach 4D its above airport and declare a data to sign up for airport of civil aviaton total bureau to manage function branch to put on record.

After administration of area of the 9th civil aviaton receives the construction of airport administration to apply for, clear answer ought to give inside 14 days.

When administration of the 10th airport applies for ceaseless boat construction to administration of civil aviaton area, ought to submit following data:

(one) branch of civil aviaton director is preliminary to this project the file of give an official of design or start working;

(2) the construction management that project unit or origanization construction of its precatory engineering write implements plan;

(3) the safety that management department of the transportation in airport administration and project unit, sky signs assures responsibility book each one;

(4) the safety precaution that makes sure flight safety and flight number are normal one. Its content ought to include:

1. Construction general layout and construction organization devise plan, include construction area to surround a bound, indicate lamp of line, mark is decorated, pile makings field place, large scale computer has park place, construction car is current course, road junction of site of construction of construction staff turnover;
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