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Aviation manages permissive government regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first manages to strengthen pair of general aerial industries, promote healthily development, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " with the country other concerned provision, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation is applied to be engaged in managing a gender in churchyard of People's Republic of China the general aviation industry of general aviation activity, and use the aerostat that restricts kind of comfortable boat card and light be engaged in at airy aerostat illicit groom with flight driving licence, the possesses legal entity qualification management sex aviation of flight of performance of flight of aviation motion training, aviation motion, individual recreation flight.

Total bureau of civil aviation of the 3rd China (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) with management board of civil aviaton district the director branch that is general aviation activity. Without civil aviaton total bureau or management board of civil aviaton district are approved, any units and individual do not get do sth without authorization to prepare to construct general aviation industry or aviation club, buy hire civil aviation implement be engaged in general aviation running an activity.

The 4th classics approves the general aviation company that create, must abide by the regulation of state law, administrative regulations and civil aviation regulations, develop management activity lawfully inside the management project of approval, limits.

Via civil aviaton total bureau approves general aviation industry to be able to run the general aviation business outside the condition, specific measure is made separately.

The management project of industry of the 5th general aviation differentiates for the following 3 kinds:

() armour kind prospect of relieve a sick or injured person of flight of the load outside onshore oil service, maritime oil service, helicopter engine, artificial precipitation, medical treatment, aviation, empty middle reaches is seen, official flight, illicit is used or business uses flight driving licence to groom, helicopter pilotage exercise, aerostat governs on somebody's behalf business;

(2) second kind the advertisement in aviation photography, sky, ocean is monitored, piscatorial flight, atmosphere is explored, the go on a tour of inspection in fire control of scientific test, city, sky;

(3) third kind spray in the fertilization in air broadcast, sky, sky the plant grows weed in conditioning agent, sky, plant diseases and insect pests of course of study of aricultural of prevention and cure, prairie destroys pest of sanitation of rat, prevention and cure, aviation is protected forest, take a picture in sky.

The category of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned management items that did not include, by civil aviaton total bureau is decided.

Rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief, do not suffer afore-mentioned 3 category purposes to differentiate limitation, according to civil aviaton the concerned regulation of total bureau is carried out.
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