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How to obtain American visa smoothly
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The United States is stationed in official of visa of Guangzhou consulate general to talk

A few days ago, the United States is stationed in Guangzhou consulate general to be opened to media, let a reporter see the whole process of the visa that go to the United States. Why to go to the United States to you can be signed by refus? What common error does the student have in the person when seeing visa official? What kind of respondent can you obtain visa smoothly? The United States is stationed in visa of Guangzhou consulate general official, vice-consul and study abroad expert one by one replies.

Assure to have enough fund

The United States is stationed in Guangzhou consulate visa to be in an official to express, before applying for visa, besides assure to sufficient financing pays study fee, outside including tuition and living cost, still need data preparation is sufficient.

Material preparation is the first requirement that files visa, consul often is met before interview beforehand application material of examine and verify, if be not approbated,do not raise any questions possibly when interview, do not give applicant opportunity the explanation again, make refus visa processing quickly.

Visa application material involves an area as a result of visa regulation wide, often can change. The visa data that needs at present includes advice note of enter a school, economy to assure proof file, diploma, Id.

In material preparation, what visa official values most is capital problem, if capital is put in the problem, they can suspect you jointly all motive and material.

Capital problem can be divided again for 3 administrative levels, it is whether you have above all can prop up you this money of all expenditure; The 2nd it is the lawful origin sex that whether can you prove this money, namely the historical source that students often say; The 3rd it is expenditure after this Qian Zhi, whether does your security still have sufficient financing to support the life.

State study plan in detail

The United States emphasizes interview, this brought a lot of variable to visa process. Your career blue print should be depicted in detail when the face is signed. Studying purpose and homecoming plan is every time the most crucial issue that visa can involve.

The important way that researchs a student to whether have emigrant intention is detailed knowledge student study abroad study plan. Because adopt the study purpose that asks a student in detail and plan, the key inspects his to be in application process whether whole journey provides for oneself. Can understand a student to go to beautiful real reason from this, be able to judge a student to leave motive of United States study.

But if the student is explained not clear or false, be thought probably to arise to American safety affect and refus visa. Remind a student to consider those who be clear about his to study abroad so study plan.

In the meantime, be necessary to plan the content that oneself learn to be able to be finished in how long probably, the meeting after expressing to complete this compact study leaves immediately.
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