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Visa of working visa United States
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H, l, o, p and Q visa are the visa that extends for the applicant that works in the United States. The American company that these a few kinds of visa ask to prepare employ applicant or other orgnaization should be in the United States above all it is OK that land safety ministry is obtained the instrument of ratification of employee of employ foreign country. If be approved, service company will grant to the applicant the I-797 watch that allows its to apply for visa.

H visa: H visa signs the applicant that sends the United States short-term work. Instrument of ratification must get American land brings full approval. If the applicant is in China to apply for the working visa that goes to the United States, must when the Caikeshen after consulate receives land to install I-797 of all instrument of ratification to express asks visa. If the applicant was in the United States to change the status, how need not be its instrument of ratification sent to diplomatic mission entirely from land, but when applying for visa, the applicant must show the original that I-797 expresses. The proposal shows I-129 to express Xerox when all applicant interview.

L visa: L visa signs and issue the personnel that will be gone to go to American branch or relative company working by the clique. The applicant needs to will hold the position of manager degree job in the United States, or have technical knowledge, and in 3 years before applying for visa, work one year continuously for same employer or company at least

L1 and sort of L2 visa cent: Enter a country, the visa of 6 months period of efficacy is beardless capture joins other any charge; Enter a country for many times, 2 years the visa of period of efficacy needs the fee that additionally capture pays 120 yuan of U.S. dollors. If you consider the vise that application enters a country for many times, ask the enough fee on the belt. Begin from March 8, 2005, the applicant of BlanketL-1 visa must hand in 500 dollars to be used at preventing a holiday to investigate more. The applicant can be when interview with U.S. dollor or basis the rate of foreign currency exchange that day is changed with RMB settle accounts.

O, p, q visa: These a few kinds of visa sign and issue the performer that goes the United States has performance, teacher and student or entering culture communication activity or the performer that have special ability or professional.