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Place of visa of Spanish business affairs needs data
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The invitation letter of Spanish unit (Spanish article original) need to make clear visit program and date;
2, Chinese firm work proves (interpret becomes Spanish article or English) ;
Need to include: - the relevant post that hold the position of - the purpose that go abroad - duration going abroad - assure to return - salary;
3, the insurance outside the condition. This insurance must can stay during Home Shen Genguo to pay following fee in its: As a result of the go back to the motherland charge of the sudden incident that body reason causes; Urgent medical treatment nurses the charge of charge or be in hospital. This safe and least compensate pays three 10 thousand euro, add up to three 10 thousand RMBs;
4, registered permanent residence this (original and Xerox) , interpret becomes spanish or English;
5, the photocopy of Chinese company business charter, build official seal;
The book order of 6 airline ticket;
Two inches of 7 chromophotograph 4 pieces;
8 fill in application form
Workaday: Normally 5 weekday accept the ground: The whole nation