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Place of visa of German business affairs requires data
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One, the invitation letter outside the condition 2, domestic application material
1, period of efficacy the passport of 6 months above; Last page has the passport oneself sign; Reach photocopy of page of a piece of identity
2, photograph of without hat of 2 inches of color 6 pieces (white bottom)
3, Id photocopy of the applicant (A4 paper) 2
4, photocopy of place unit business charter (A4) (lid unit official seal)
5, bank deposit proves original (RMB 30 thousand yuan, period of efficacy 3 months)
6, calling card the 2 pieces of <br>7, recommendation that working unit uses English or heart article to issue: Make clear firm address, phone and fax please, business trip person post, this
Viatic end reachs funds undertaker, company leader signs and build official seal
8, the medical treatment outside issueing the condition that during applying for a country to linger, risk is 30 thousand euro is sure to prove, must offer original and photocopy, the period of efficacy of visa will be bought according to place
Insurance date and calm.
9, the applicant to Chinese book:
Registered permanent residence this original and all page and the photocopy that add a page (attention: Copy must complete, arrive from cover back cover) the detailed home that issues with English or heart article by employer
Front courtyard address proves (allow with residing dwelling place location to be at present)
10, write 1201 form with English or De Wentian 2
Workaday: 5 weekday