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The Bahamas visa
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1, what sort does the Bahamas visa have? Visa sets enter a country what is frequency, period of efficacy, retention each?
The visa that the Bahamas issues has travel visa and mariner visa two kinds. According to applicant requirement, can give or enter a country for many times, visa period of efficacy is 3 months commonly, on the foundation that retention asks in the applicant by enter a country the decision of officer of the Bahamas immigrant of port.

2, how do I apply for the Bahamas visa?
Did not set embassy in China in view of the Bahamas, private come cling to can be in cling to halt Hong Kong always gets a house or cling to the diplomatic and consular missions that be stationed in the United States (set in and other places of Washington, new York, Miami) visa of application the Bahamas. Also can be stationed in in England China diplomatic mission application. The interview that the applicant must carry visa official just can get going to cling to visa.

3, does visa of application the Bahamas need what to data carry?
Generally speaking, application is gone to cling to visa needs to carry his proof of 3 pieces of calendar of passport, journey, photographs, job. In addition, orgnaization of the Bahamas diplomacy (if be stationed in beautiful diplomatic and consular missions) be stationed in with England China diplomatic mission may have other demands additionally.

4, how much is charge of visa of application the Bahamas?
Generally speaking, application is odd second enter a country charge is everybody 20, 25 dollars, enter a country for many times for everybody 30, 35 dollars. Specific collect fees the requirement seeks advice please authority is issued go to cling to the relevant orgnaization of visa.

5, is application gone to cling to does visa need how long?
Visa Guan Huigen occupies your viatic calendar and effective demand decision when to issue visa.

6, can be I applied for me in the friend of the Bahamas, relative or someone else go to cling to visa?

7, if I am signed by refus, how should do?
The reason that refus signs has a lot of. If you are signed by refus, can apply for visa again. Of course, whether to issue visa you to still depend on visa official.

8, if delayed my journey because of reason, already applied for to come down go to cling to can be the period of efficacy of visa denied lengthen?
Be no good. If encounter this kind of situation, you need to apply for visa afresh.

2, notice of circumstance of condition of the Bahamas immigrant, discrepancy, naturalization

1, what person has authority to enter a the Bahamas territory?

(1) the Bahamas citizen;

(2) Ba Yongjiu's dweller;

(3) diplomacy, consular official; The country beyond the Bahamas is official the delegate of accredit or official; U.N. or the delegate that its organize accessorily or official; What the Bahamas attends cross the delegate that the government organizes or official; Above personnel comes cling to the purpose is executive official business;
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