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File Holand visa notice
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Hold is effective the Chinese citizen of the passport, no matter on business or because of illicit go abroad, besides head for outside signing the state that each other avoids visa agreement with China, all must obtain the visa that heads for a country beforehand (the most country) that includes Holand inside. Visa is done commonly go up in the passport, use at the same time with the passport. Did not establish diplomatic relations country, do visa normally go up in other paper, call other paper visa, use at the same time with the passport.

The sort of visa is very much. World each country signs and issue the foreigner's entry visa, can divide commonly for diplomatic visa, official visa and common visa. Some countries still have immigrant of courteous reception, travel, blame and immigrant visa. Leave the country according to entering the circumstance still grants entry visa respectively, into leave the country visa, give entry visa or visa of pass through the territory of a country. Leave the country visa, make only leave the country; Entry visa allows namely hold card to enter a country, if need to leave the country, must apply again leave the country visa; Give entry visa, can leave the country, also can enter a country again; Into leave the country visa, can enter a country, also can leave the country; Enter for many times leave the country visa, can enter for many times inside certificate period of efficacy leave the country; Visa of pass through the territory of a country, make only in demarcate time immanent appoint into leave the country port passes territory, must not head for other area commonly. Some countries return a basis to enter a country main content divides visa to visit one's family visa of visa, student studying abroad, resident visa, job visa, travel signs a proof to wait.

Come Holand studies abroad need to deal with study abroad visa, visit one's family need to deal with visit one's family visa, need Holand of and other places of Beijing, Shanghai to be stationed in Chinese embassy or consulate to apply.

Each country issues the mechanism of passport and visa, to different visa, set different period of validity. The period of efficacy of visa must not exceed the period of efficacy of the passport. The period of efficacy of visa is 3 a month, months, half an year or 1 year of above commonly, also some visa period of efficacy are not worth a month; The period of efficacy of visa of pass through the territory of a country is general shorter, be in mostly 1 week of less than. During holding what the witness must prove to set in the autograph inside enter, go out or pass through the territory of a country. Visa expires, must apply afresh.
Visa besides having certain period of validity, still provide significant number. Effective be after showing this visa is used namely invalidation.

Go to Dutch to visit one's family visa period of efficacy is 3 months. Go to Dutch to study abroad the term of validity that visa has a few months only, the beard after carry on one's shoulder or back heads for seat to be in charge of a government to register inside a few days, register, await an announcement to go after that constabulary department is dealt with (student) resident card
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