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Business affairs visa and travel visa B1B2
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Want to obtain the business affairs that goes to the United States or travel visa, the applicant must prove its are short-term the intent that enters the United States is travel or activity of short-term business affairs only, have reasonable travel objective, during enough economy capacity pays to the applicant travels and be in the United States, place requires cost; There is what cannot abandon to live in abroad authority; What after short-term time-out stays, must go back to the motherland is impartible cut society, economy and other concern. Basis year " immigrant and citizenship law " the L in amendment provision B money, if the applicant cannot overthrow the hypothesis of emigrant to its tendency, consular official will not sign and issue visa for its.

The necessary material that files these two kinds of visa is as follows

B-1 visa:  of ⒏ of ┲ で ┓ mails dew the Tang Dynasty short for Weihe River of  of virtuous  of ┖ of ┒ of ㄇ of  of  of Tuan of billows Tiao of I of excuse me of meat and fish dishes of close of accept of  of Tuan of Tiao of expostulate with billows lures Liang of Mei of appraise late Jie oxime of pray Qi of Piao of know of  the Tang Dynasty dash forward  ⑻ dare drip Chi 8 people ┲ こ

B-2 visa: B-2 visa signs and issue the applicant that goes to American travel, include to go sightseeing, treat a disease, visit one's family visit friend and attend the meeting. This visa hold person must not be between American retention obtain employment. The applicant needs to produce the invitation letter of American relative or friend, or the correspondence that proved to attend tourism group or meeting, prove the file of applicant economy capacity or the economic capacity in American relatives and friends, or the file that proves applicant individual case, be like marriage certificate, on-the-job proof, bank deposit proof, payroll, etc.