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Communication visits a scholar (J-1 visa)
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"J " the knowledge that communication visit scholar plans to aim to promote the member that my wife in education, art and scientific domain and technical communication. The participant includes each big, medium, elementary school to be in school student; Join company, orgnaization and the staff that handle affairs to groom at duty; The teacher of each elementary school, middle school and professional technology school; Go to higher education orgnaization to teach or be engaged in studying working professor, be engaged in studying working scholar; Go to the personnel that medical establishment has major grooms; And the visit scholar that with considering to groom and set an example professional knowledge or skill are a purpose.

"J " the teachs orgnaization or other research organization to have whole process study that the person that communication is visited must have adequate academic preparation and English language knowledge to receive its in order to make sure the applicant is in. If English level of the applicant can't let his,complete whole school work. The institute must give a file to prove to be arranged for its special groom in order to raise its English level.

According to " J " the personnel that communication visit scholar plans to attend medical major to undergraduate course learns and groom must accord with the following special provisions. Include among them: Must have given birth to an exam through foreign medicine major. The proof has adequate English language knowledge; Must go back to the motherland after project of the communication that finish live two years, after the time that must plan to stay in the United States arrives, leave. As the visit the scholar goes to the United States to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation advisory, education or consider and be no good the restriction that the doctor of cure does not accept afore-mentioned conditions.

Necessary data:
Fill the DS-156 of appropriate, DS-157 and DS-158 application form.
Be in in the receipt that trustworthy trade bank hands in visa to apply for cost
Valid passport. The time that this passport period of efficacy must plan to stay in the United States than application is much at least 9 months.
Two pieces recent American passport photo

"J " the DS-2019 list that the applicant must show what already filled appropriate to just support an unit or invite an orgnaization to send by the United States. "Q " the applicant of visa needs list of I-797 of an instrument of ratification. Attend " Q " the personnel that exchanges visit plan needs to have by American land safety the ministry is approved and by assure the blame that just issues is emigrant watch of I-129 of working instrument of ratification. After when the job the license is approved, land installs what will inform I-797 to be made clear on the watch entirely to assure square. What should notice is, if the applicant is not accorded with " immigrant and citizenship law " regulation, although its work,the license already was approved, unwarrantable also its obtain visa.
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