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Buy note of flying airline ticket surely beforehand
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·To prevent a seat number the seat is not ordered when insecurity, had better have ordered the seat number ahead of schedule as far as possible. Booking a seat number do not collect fees, if the decision does not buy airline ticket,can inform at the appointed time book ticket office to cancel.

·The price of a lot of petty gain has limitative requirement, please advertent.

·The viatic date that notices you please should be inside the period of efficacy of certificate and visa.

·Notice the passenger full name that you provide to answer please with the passport (Id) the spelling that go up is identical.

·Notice to the ticket is bought before the final time limit giving a bill in airline please, lest the seat is cancelled.

·In the passenger if have children or baby,tell an unripe date please.

·Other item consults please " civil aviaton passenger transport is regular " .