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How is electronic airline ticket dealt with seize the opportunity formalities
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One. What is electronic passenger ticket

Electronic passenger ticket is the image of a kind of electron of airline ticket of average paper quality, it is record of number of a kind of electron, abbreviation electron passenger ticket. Current, it regards the most advanced passenger ticket on the world as the form, rely on contemporary IT, implementation is changed without paper, the electron changes order ticket, settle accounts and deal with seize the opportunity the whole process such as formalities, bring a lot of advantage to the passenger and reduce cost for airline. Will tell to the passenger, its use and airline ticket of traditional paper quality are indiscriminate. Of electronic airline ticket appear the market demand that complied with information age, already made one of important standards that business affairs of aviation journey electron changes. This kind of airline ticket orders a ticket not only, pay, deal with board the plane the whole process of formalities is finished on couplet net computer, and return a ticket of the occasional when changing a travel is very convenient also.
The passenger need not take traditional paper airline ticket, should mix by Id only order of order of electronic airline ticket, the airport reachs in before the plane takes off 1 hour the bar with special airline, can take the plane on boarding check directly. What avoided what cause because of airline ticket is lost or be being forgotten to cannot board the plane thereby is awkward.

2. How is electronic passenger ticket dealt with seize the opportunity formalities

Buy electronic passenger ticket and the passenger of hold T4 couplet can be in with average fare what belong to airline to be worth machine bar to deal with seize the opportunity formalities; The bar that the passenger that does not have T4 couplet must belong to airline to appoint to place by the original of effective identity document that when buying a ticket, uses is dealt with seize the opportunity formalities. Be like information of passenger identity document and information of the system that order a ticket not conform to will be rejected to board the plane. After passenger capacity gets affirming, the staff member will print T4 couplet, boarding check and luggage claim tag for the passenger, the passenger must be passed by boarding check and T4 couplet ability install check, at the same time T4 couplet submits an expense account with what boarding check makes a fare jointly proof.

3. Can electronic passenger ticket change a label

Electronic passenger ticket and traditional airline ticket are same, can change according to each airline regulation, the lot turns with return a ticket.

4. Seize the opportunity effective certificate ABC

Seize the opportunity effectively certificate includes: Id of dweller of Chinese book passenger, temporarily card of cadre of card of testimony of Id, officer, armed police police officer, soldier card, legionary student card, military civil service, army leaves emeritus cadre card and legionary worker card; Resident of area of HongKong and Macow and certificate of Taiwan brethren journey; Card of the passport of foreign nationality passenger, journey, diplomat card; 16 years old the following an adult but by its student's identification card, number of households and total population is small or mechanism of public security of seat of registered permanent residence issued id card
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