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Note of plane scheduled flight and specification
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One. Where can buy airline ticket of special offer international

As the development of economy of our country countryman, communicate an activity external increasingly grow in quantity. Go abroad inspect business affairs visit, study abroad emigrant, the guest that travel goes sightseeing is increasing, but, how to buy the airline ticket of special offer international of price privilege, also be a knowledge. Will tell commonly, the passenger receives airline agency continuously or the airport buys international airline ticket, do not have favourable discount. Clever passenger should look for the travel that you are acquainted to serve company or agent, because have,the travel of actual strength serves a company or agent can give you the discount that expect is less than normally.

2. The limitative condition of airline ticket of special offer international and the problem that the attention answers in using

Airline ticket of special offer international saved many travelling expenses for you admittedly, but, according to the right and the principle that obligation balances, namely: You enjoyed the right of the airline ticket of airline privilege price, be about to assume travel on time, do not make the obligation that changes at will. Airline ticket of this kind of special offer often has a few special limitation requirements. So, ask attention of your ten million. General situation has:

1. Airline ticket period of efficacy is shorter. Be like: 30 days, day and 60 days of 45 period of efficacy are waited a moment.
2. Give the restriction of bill time limit. Must order ahead of schedule and give a bill, be in commonly set out a few days ago 3 should order namely to 7 days and give a bill.
3. Date cannot be changed. Once decide to give ticket hind, cannot change date setting out and range, inspect otherwise handle with return a ticket; If the return trip date of round-trip airline ticket wants to change, want collection to count frontal change the date to expend certainly commonly (each airline regulation differs somewhat) .
4. Regulation of return a ticket is strict. Poundage of return a ticket is taller, come by hundreds of yuan of par value 15% to 50% differ (different airline differs because of fare sort and the regulation differs)
5. The cross-check of the seat number. Book the traveler of couplet Cheng seat number or return seat number, be in somewhere if retention period exceeds 72 hours, need to deal with the seat number cross-check of couplet Cheng airline ticket or return airline ticket in local airline agency. Otherwise, airline did not get you confirm the announcement that retains a seat number, authority cancels your seat number. In travel busy season, be like because of the cross-check that you overlook a seat number seat number be cancellinged, the seat number that wants to search to be ordered formerly is a difficult issue, this will make your journey plans to be restricted, you should wait for a certain number of days possibly, when having corresponding room till airline, you just can continue your journey.
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