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The item that airline ticket of the international that order should notice
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One. How to select airline:

Fly to a city, often have a lot of choices, non-stop flight to or turn from other city fly, the flight number of non-stop flight to had better select below this kind of circumstance, so OK and spare time and the inconvenience that reduce a falling frequency and changeover plane place to bring.

2. How to undertake the price chooses:

If be,travel at one's own expenses and time has been ordered, can choose to compare favourable airline ticket on the price.

The business affairs passenger that goes abroad to on business will tell, the choice is best a few inconvenience can be brought when the airline ticket of the price has, because jump over cheap airline ticket opposite and character limitation is more also, some airline ticket cannot be signed turn, some cannot change the date or change the date wants collection fee, some cannot return a ticket, these are improper to business affairs passenger.

On the other hand, best airline ticket is accumulating respect of course of development to have a lot of restriction: For example the course of development that some special offer cabin seat or berth accumulate perhaps cannot accumulate course of development lesser relatively, and after the passenger that often flies was accumulating many flight course of development, be to be able to undertake rise cabin or getting free airline ticket. Specific content asks reference: Course of development gets stuck

3. Buy the note after airline ticket

1) the cross-check formalities of airline ticket
According to international aviation convention, mix to going there and back couplet Cheng airline ticket, if be in somewhere retention period exceeds 72 hours, no matter whether already booked follow-up airliner seat number, the procedure of seat number cross-check that guest average per capita needs to shift to an earlier date at least 72 hours to handle follow-up flight number in this ground. Commonly used method is: Phone airline to inform whether to take on time from the back the airliner continues to travel. Otherwise, airline has authority to cancel a seat number.

2) when input course of development blocks number to deal with the formalities that board the plane in the airport when you, the course that produces you to airline bar staff please gets stuck, withhold boarding check original and airline ticket photocopy please at the same time, so that mix,airline checks course of development.

3) check airline ticket seizes the opportunity carefully couplet if your range is more sophisticated, so be about to check carefully when you seize the opportunity the ticket couplet of your airline ticket, lest the bar staff of airline tears down by accident couplet of your ticket of below one Cheng and the whole range that gives you brings inconvenience.

4) consign baggage freely to provide   beauty, ledger line: Two consign baggage and a portable baggage freely. Consign baggage every weight does not exceed 32 kilograms, every the biggest 3 edges the sum does not exceed 158CM. Portable impediment is the biggest weight 18 kilograms, the biggest 113CM of 3 edges the sum.
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