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Airline ticket is ordered on the net but free seat
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After station building transforms a boat, capital airport appears first
New building of station of a boat appeared on the capital airport after transforming publicly first yesterday, and will this month 20 days are enabled. Building of new station of a boat sets 10 passageways that install check and a first-class stateroom cabin special passageway, can welcome more than 10000 guests everyday.
Building of new station of a boat will offer for the passenger a lot of convenient service: The self-help that the whole nation takes the lead in enabling is worth engine facilities to be able to let hold him passenger of the electronic passenger ticket that orders from the net to choose seat, conduction boarding check; Passenger of domestic change trains does not give segregation area to be able to deal with a favourable turn; If encounter airliner incur loss through delay, the passenger can be inside boat station building ad hoc inside ” of anteroom of passenger of “ abnormal airliner enjoy the service such as meal freely; Airport bus will install a site before building of station of a boat.
As we have learned, building of station of a boat is managed jointly by capital airport and Na Hang. Since September 20, the domestic flight number of all Na Hang will fall in this. Ship side expresses south, after building of station of a boat is enabled afresh, in new winter airliner plan, this company plans to be in Beijing to increase weekly airliner amount to 1500 sortie, will monarch newly line of more than 10 home.
■ remind for you
Lest scrutiny airline ticket goes wrong
To avoid to produce Na Hang the airliner transfers the passenger after falling since building of station of a boat to take complex issue, the admiral of airliner airline ticket that in the airport building of station of a boat boards the plane does marked clew.
The passenger is being dealt with board the plane before formalities, whether does the flight number that should notice oneself are taken share airliner ” for “ . The guest that takes “ to share airliner ” should notice to examine the “ carrier ” on him airline ticket, if “ carrier ” is Na Hang and its place to belong to airline, board the plane in building of station of a boat, board the plane in building of 2 boat station otherwise.
Deal with board the plane
Use self-help value machine first
Building of station of a boat two side set 2 halls thing to open type 50 times to be worth machine bar, every bar handles a few fixed line board the plane formalities. After the passenger arrives at 2 halls, can search the news that takes a scheduled flight according to the electronic screen of doorway and bar upper part, deal with to corresponding bar board the plane formalities. As we have learned, capital airport is talking things over to differentiate according to airliner whereaboutldirection with Na Hang value opportunity bar, abecedarian plan is to fly to the passenger of southeast direction to be in side bar deals with formalities on the west, side deals with northeastern Xiang Zaidong.
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