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Southern aviation and Taiwan China aviation will sign strategic cooperation agre
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Xinhua net Beijing on June 13 report: Cross-strait relation association (” of association of abbreviation “ sea) communicate foundation with channel (abbreviation “ Haijihui ” ) sign in Beijing 13 days morning " summary of talk of cross-strait charter flight " hind, the Inc. of airline China southern aviation with the biggest mainland (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, ” of abbreviation “ Na Hang) express, will mix in Guangzhou on June 23 the Inc. of airline China aviation with the biggest Taiwan (China Airlines Ltd. , ” of abbreviation “ Hua Hang) sign strategic cooperation agreement, for two sides charter flight business has comprehensive collaboration on the weekend.
Na Hang expresses to reporter of Xinhua News Agency about chief, brave of president Liu carry on will drive personally as responsibility pilot airbus A330 plane hold flying Na Hang first two sides on the weekend charter flight, carry out this to have job of flight of historical sense airliner.

Guangzhou of locate of Na Hang headquarters. Concerned controller expresses, na Hang has been done a series of comprehensive preparation of charter flight work on the weekend, wait for two sides to decide to charter flight can be carried out at any time namely after specific time. Na Hang has been finished at present include to make an airliner plan to reach implement transport power hour falls since arrangement, airport, announce freight rate to wait for 66 preparation to work.

According to introducing, na Hang will use Boeing 777, Boeing 757, the type with the best function such as airbus A330, A320, deploy experienced flight personnel carries out two sides with the first-class staff that multiply Wu on the weekend charter flight, to take the cross-strait brethren of charter flight provides first-rate aviation service on the weekend.