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What is OPEN ticket?
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Date of adventitious of return dicket return trip is OPEN ticket, the mark on return trip airline ticket is OPEN model of written characters. The guest has ordered date hind to be stuck to airline in abroad change date. Although this kind of airline ticket is freer, the return trip when buying need not decide date inside period of efficacy, but the risk is bigger, the date that may encounter a hope to book is not ordered on seat number or the case that do not order the seat number that attends to agree with grade of the cabin seat or berth on airline ticket, often do not order a seat number whole months when course busy season especially. Once produce afore-mentioned situations, passenger often or stop outside the condition or the airline ticket that price of filling report to the superior after accomplishing a task buys airline ticket of expensive shipping space or buys other airline additionally is returned, economically the loss is bigger. Because this is when airline ticket of your choice OPEN, ask careful consideration. . . . If the guest wants to buy this kind of airline ticket, answer to state beforehand to office of airline ticket representative, ask whether free change the date clear, because most favourable airline ticket does not allow return trip OPEN, change the date also often wants to collect fees.