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Airport in the day after tomorrow to see the tickets do not go wrong with a ca
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Yesterday, the Chongqing Airport Phase III expansion project was officially completed, marking the formal entry into the two-terminal airport in Chongqing dual runway time, the annual passenger throughput to meet the 30 million people. 21, the new terminal (domestic terminal number T2A) and the new runway (second track) officially put into use, then, to take advantage of Chongqing Airport, please see the ticket, not because of the wrong terminal and delay trip. Huang Qifan mayor and other city leaders attended the completion ceremony. Reporter at the airport ahead of the military, Secret for you. New Terminal More complete partition function The new terminal is located in the old terminal (domestic terminal number T2B) south of the main building 180 meters wide, depth 90 meters, total construction area of about 10 million square meters, with the old terminal building constitutes a "sister building . " Between the two main building, the corridor connecting, just 2 minutes walk accessibility. Chongqing Airport official, more complete partition function of the new terminal: the main building on the mezzanine for visitors to rest, the distribution of Chinese and Western restaurants on both sides; the main ground floor mezzanine is a Business Center, a bank, bookstore, children's clothing stores. Can self-print boarding pass Self-value of 16 cabinets in a row, the person in charge of Chongqing airport, the passengers themselves through self-completion value of rack card can scan and print boarding pass, spend less than 30 seconds. The new terminal is full of humane care! Barrier-free ramps, accessible lifts, Blind and other facilities, which is not available in the old terminal. "Not only that, in between the old and new terminal set up a special tourist hub and transfer center." Chongqing Airport official, a collection of 9,000 square meters of space for bus, light rail transfer, train ticket and other services, the full realization of the seamless open space between the butt. 1200 webcam escort 1200 new terminal protect day and night cameras to ensure that the passengers out safely. Chongqing airport, the person in charge, the camera can achieve demand-second playback and can play back any time at any time a clear picture of the video, "For example, a traveler will be cigarette butts caught in the fingers, the camera can see whether the burning cigarette." Meanwhile, the new terminal for the first time using a CT scanner, compared with the metal detector, more convenient, Chongqing airport official, "as long as the channel through security, CT scanners can accurately detect whether there are prohibited items to carry! " Automatically open the skylights "Conservation, environmental protection, this is a new terminal in the initial planning and design to specifically request!" The person in charge, although the new terminal area increased by about 7700 square meters, but less than 1,000 tons of spent steel, which makes the terminal more open space is more tall, light more. Meanwhile, the new terminal roof with a rock wool insulation, reduced drying of the sun according to the terminal, and set to automatically open the skylights systems and shading systems for the terminal to provide natural light exposure, save energy . To maximize access to sunlight in winter, spring and summer may be through open skylights, combined with shading devices, building ventilation system with the formation of air convection. New runway Boeing 747 landing to meet Total length of 3,600 meters, 45 meters wide, both sides of the road shoulder width 7.5 m, pavement strength is almost twice the first runway. Chongqing airport official, the new runway fully able to meet all of Boeing 747-400 cargo plane loaded movements, "In fact, the second runway longer than 400 meters before planning for Chongqing to build the world's largest laptop production base provides a strong logistics support. " 21 from the new runway, new terminal will be put into use. Reminded 23 airlines Occupancy of the new terminal December 21, the new terminal and a second runway was put into use, there will be assigned to the new terminal 23 airlines were assigned to 6-in island. 2A-in island for Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Aviation, Hebei aviation use; 2B-in island of Hainan Airlines, Western Airlines, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Lucky Air to use; 2C-in island Southern Airlines, Chongqing Airlines use; 2D Check-in Island Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, United Airlines uses; 2E-in island of Xiamen Airlines, Okay Airways, lucky Airlines, China Airlines, Spring Airlines use; 2F check-island Air, Shandong Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Kun Peng Airlines use. Therefore, the public needs to see the ticket, to distinguish between old and new terminal, so as not to affect the trip.
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