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Miles for tickets is now very tight
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Went to the end of the check your membership card on hand a variety of points it! Some points may be the end of the year was only half cleared and even treatment. Do not be a waste ah! Reporter learned yesterday from China Southern Airlines, points accumulated during the Spring Festival passenger tickets increased free replacement, the current short supply of these tickets have emerged. Since most airlines are allocated in a single flight of such a limited number of free tickets, if the credits for redemption beyond the limited number of passenger tickets, the order will be allocated according to the application. To increase visitor loyalty, mostly for passenger airlines offer frequent flyer mileage accumulation and other incentive plans. As the relatively high ticket prices during the Spring Festival, the use of accumulated mileage during the Spring Festival travel ticket replacement of free choice for many people. To remind the sales staff, many of the recent flights around the Spring Festival has begun to emerge such shortage of free tickets, flights use the integral part of the replacement of the number of free tickets have run out, hope to use the points during the Spring Festival wish to apply for free tickets to the public early redemption travel arrangements apply as soon as possible.