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Before the end of the main building structure the majority of new Kunming airpo
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Yesterday, the Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Hanbo, Liu Ping, Vice Governor of Kunming new airport construction site to inspect the construction work and in the field office to speak at the meeting. After listening to the new airport construction and related engineering, air traffic control, aviation fuel and other progress report, Li Hanbo points to the site office will be the 9th since the new airport construction work in full progress, achieved remarkable success. Near the end of the year, start construction of new airport in Kunming sprint. Before the end of December, the new airport terminal will be completed including the installation of metal roofing systems engineering finishing, the terminal part of the decoration of public areas, front of the viaduct and the parking garage expansion and other major building structure of the finishing work. It is reported that the Civil Aviation capital in place this year will reach 562 million, is expected to reach 1.16 billion yuan total in place. This reporter learned that, although many of the new airport in Kunming project entered the final stage, equipment and materials is essential transportation PAT, but the path to the new airport in Kunming Old State Road 320, more for trucks, heavy vehicles, overloading of vehicles and more the road is seriously damaged, causing severe traffic congestion, has a direct impact on the progress of the new airport building approach. New Airport Construction Headquarters informed that since November, diesel shortages, closure of the airport highway construction have exacerbated the traffic jam situation in the old State Road 320, command staff and personnel transport vehicles Participation traffic jam up to 5 hours or more per day, or even traffic jam twice a month to work two or three o'clock in the morning, often traffic jams in the evening before returning to town ninety points. Ensure smooth implementation of the program of road maintenance difficult and ineffective. To this end, the headquarters proposed that the new airport expressway before the end of delivery, without affecting the construction of the premise, can command and the flats are two sessions morning and evening traffic limit of an open truck, command vehicle line-up through to ensure uniform normal commute.