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About collection fuel additional announcement
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Each passenger:

Basis " total bureau of committee of national development reform, civil aviaton adds about fuel of domestic line collection the announcement of concerned problem " hair change the value [2005]1347 date file, restore to add to fuel of collection of domestic line passenger transportation since August 1, 2005.

One, collection standard is: 800 kilometers are the following boat paragraph, every passenger collection 20 yuan; 800 kilometers (contain) above boat paragraph, every passenger collection 40 yuan.

2, fuel is add executive deadline is provisional to came on August 1, 2005 airliner date was on December 31 accurate. Received fuel to add with the passenger of the ticket is being bought to fill no longer before premise on July 28, 2005, but if change,be on August 1 (contain) the following airliner, must close in order to fill by afore-mentioned mark allow.