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Home seizes the opportunity guideline of pass in and out
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Home sets out: Carry baggage, change the shop sign that register- ->2. Install full inspection- ->3. Await machine and board the plane

1. carry baggage, change the shop sign that register

Ask you to reach your by airline ticket effective identity document is dealt with to bar of corresponding value opportunity seize the opportunity to consign formalities with baggage, the boarding check that get.

2. installs full inspection

Prepare ticket of boarding check, plane, effective identity document and airport construction to expend a proof ahead of schedule please, give safe censor is checked. For flight safety, the passenger must be passed from exploration door, baggage article beard is checked via X smooth machine, thank you cooperate.

3. is awaited machine and board the plane

You can go up according to boarding check now board the plane catchword arrives to await aircraft division to rest accordingly await machine. Normally the circumstance falls, 30 minutes will be made an appointment with to begin to board the plane before the airliner takes off, ask advertent broadcast clew.

The need when boarding the plane shows boarding check, get ready ahead of schedule please.

Congratulation you, all boarding the plane formalities has done.
Home arrives: 1. The airliner arrives- ->2. Extract baggage- ->3. Leave the airport

1. airliner arrives

If you are to multiply,ferry the car reachs boat station floor, baggage can be entered to extract hall directly after getting off.

2. extracts baggage
You can check those who know you to consign the dial that baggage is in according to airliner date.

If baggage is more, you can use free baggage barrow or choice barrow serves.

To ensure your baggage is not gotten by accident, there will be a staff member in exit the luggage claim tag to you / date undertakes checking checking, ask you to cooperate.
If have doubt,seek advice to baggage inquiry bar please.

3. leaves the airport

After extracting baggage, you will be entered arrive at the hall, over you but with meeting of relatives and friends, or recieve to guesthouse reach ask bar to undertake advisory, or convert a money to the bank.

Went out to arrive at the hall, you can choose airport bus or the taxi leaves the airport.

Young assistant:

Board the plane to ensure you are successful, suggest you reach boat station floor the latest in before the airliner takes off 1.5 hours, before the airliner takes off 30 minutes will stop to deal with seize the opportunity formalities (partial airline has a regulation additionally possibly to this time, please advertent airline ticket shows) ;

Certificate of your passport, visa, journey, and the valuable such as cash, bill is carried please.

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