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Go to American Canada baggage changes an announcement
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Add boat to be opposite 5 years on August 29 (contain) give a bill later, and in 5 years on October 12 (contain) the passenger that takes a scheduled flight later implements standard of newest and free baggage, specific content is as follows:
1.Consign baggage freely: Glad of  of outskirt of four of sex of muching adj/LIT wide of arrogate to oneself of besmear of silk of bosom of  coerce miasma?
The standard is less than 23 kilograms for every weight, dimension is less than 158 centimeters (long wide tall) .
2.Exceed baggage rate:
* international course: CNY420/
Course of churchyard of * North America (contain Mexico) : CNY250/

3.Super- big or excess baggage collects fees method (weight exceeds 32 kilograms or dimension exceeds 203 centimeters
baggage all cannot consign) :
* overweights: 1Times exceed baggage to collect fees;
* exceeds big: 1Times exceed baggage to collect fees;
* exceeds: 3Times exceed baggage to collect fees;
* above collects fees but cumulative, if one exceeds,reach greatly exceed a baggage to will be pressed 4 times exceed baggage to collect fees
(Super- 1 times bigger exceed a 3 times) .

The United States combines airline to rise from September 7, 2005, consign international airliner baggage forehead to adjust

It is every 23 kilograms (50 pounds) , in all two. If weight exceeds 23 kilograms but little at 32 kilograms

(70 pounds) , will press every baggage 25 dollars

Collection charge. Consign impediment measure changeless, still be long, wide, tall 3 edges the sum does not exceed 157 a unit of monthly interest rate


Portable baggage specified number is fixed, still be, long, wide, tall 3 edges the sum does not exceed 114 centimeters, without

Weight limitation.

This is adjusted do not apply to by Tokyo only then hair or the beauty of international airliner; that arrive couplet boat future 10 thousand lis

The silver-colored card that indulgence plans / Jin Ka / member of 1K Jin Ka also will maintain every 32 kilograms consigning to go

Li Xian specified number is fixed.

The new regulation that consigns baggage forehead applies to the passenger that the ticket is bought since September 7, 2005 and begins a trip.

Gave a bill later on September 1, 2005, before setting out from the Asia, go to North America, will carry out new international baggage to consign a regulation,
The detail is as follows:
Passenger of the tourist class that go to the United States can consign two baggage each, every must not exceed 23 kilograms of;
More than 23 kilograms but little the baggage at 32 kilograms, 25 U.S. dollors or 200 yuan of excess baggage of the RMB expend every collection.
More than 32 kilograms baggage presses original relevant provision and cost of excess baggage of IATA agreement collection. Namely:

Official cabin and regulation of forehead of Japanese course baggage are changeless.
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