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Go abroad first note
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One. How to keep passport, Id and airline ticket?
1. When boarding the plane, passport, Id and airline ticket should be carried.
2. When room public house, do not put its in the room, should put hotel safe or carry. To be ready for any eventuality, had better copy its a belt is on the body, those who be helpful for certificate fill do.

2. How to avoid by accident machine?
Best method is hurry to the airport ahead of schedule as far as possible, especially traffic height, should shift to an earlier date more. Common home flight number should shift to an earlier date at least 2 hours, international airliner should shift to an earlier date 3 hours to reach the airport at least. If the guest takes the plane of American northwest airline, ask to shift to an earlier date 3 half hours reach the airport, their bar is shut in before taking off 75 minutes.

3. Custodial valuable note?
1. When boarding the plane, valuable should be carried, do not put into consigning baggage.
2. When consigning baggage, answer to had pulled slide fastener, if have a lock,answer as far as possible lock. Had better stick on baggage on oneself nameplate, mention expressly airliner, phone, full name, facilitate search.
3. After entering a public house, answer to stock valuable hotel safe, do not put in room baggage.

4. How to deal with formalities of airline ticket cross-check?
Call at before follow-up airliner takes off 72 hours at least please to place airline or to its agency confirms follow-up airliner seat number, lest be cancelled.

5. Is foreign currency note converted outside the condition?
1. Had withheld the receipt when converting local money at the outset please, lest leave a country is changed,answer bother from time to tome.
2. Can be in the airport, bank or of the hotel change bar to deal with, exchange rate has a few to differ.

6. Safeguard of safety of body of the traveller outside the condition?
1. Do not go out alone as far as possible, best accompany travels together, do not go to desolate place or the block with bad public security.
2. Night does not go out as far as possible.
3. Do not accept stranger casually act as a guide or build a car.
4. Do not take precious jewel on the body.
5. Take a few pocket money in order to have in case.
6. If take glasses, best preparation reserves one pair lens.
7. Do not pay attention to the stranger that strikes up a conversation actively.

7. wiring safety precaution?
1. Plan a few changeover outlet that apply to purpose country.
2. Whether does the voltage that knows place ask with electric equipment conform to.
3. If require battery, had better take from home a few reserve.