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Oriental Buddha
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The —— of Buddhist and artistic treasury with a baronial dimensions is Oriental Buddha, at happy in China in May 1994 hill city building is opened. It is apart from world-famous happy Shandafo only a li Yao, inside limits of 200 thousand square metre, concentration was modelled on domestic and international figure of Buddha more than 3000 honour, use natural hill system outspread, ground of labyrinthian Wan Ting made a covered corridor or walk of grand Buddhist picture scroll, use rub cliff the expressional form such as in the round, anaglyph, sculpture, mural, choose different capable person to pledge, casting of carved stone, copper, painted sculpture, Mo Yu waits, reflected Chinese buddhism and the style with southeast Asia artistic buddhism adequately. Here, have current strong bound the biggest, body length 170 meters giant lie Buddha, have high-quality goods of figure of Buddha of our country past dynasties, and the famous figure of Buddha of the country such as southeast Asia and India, Japan, area, still the Buddhist and artistic high-quality goods that covers an area of 800 much square metre displays a house.

Oriental Buddha is different from already small shrink landscape, also have do not go up at the ancients statue big and coarse, do one's best is big and elegant, have in copy achieve, be in again alike in spirit, pound of far view imposing manner is weak, enjoy write in an ornate style nearly careful, what Ke Lingjun appreciates Buddhist art is broad and profound.

— bearing the high-quality goods of figure of Buddha of each different and carve of Buddhist story wall— Figure of Buddha of grotto of copy cloud hillock

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