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Giant sleep Buddha
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Concealed sleep Buddha “ is giant sleep Buddha ” calls “ concealed again model sleep Buddha ” , the 3 rivers that are located in side of happy hill city (Min river, Qing Yijiang, big cross a river) converge place, body of the Buddha head with clear pattern, Buddha, Buddha is sufficient by Wu Youshan, reach the clouds husbands of sisters of Shan Hedong cliff and into, north and south is apart from more than meters about 1300 point-blank, sufficient north lies on his back in 3 rivers south the head bank. Giant sleep the ” of “ Buddha head of Buddha is most lifelike, wu Youshan is ” of “ Buddha head, jing Yunting is like “ eyelash ” , summit crown of a tree is ” of “ forehead, nose, lip, jaw each, be full of expression; Two peaks are a mythical bird like the phoenix of dwell of hill of reach the clouds, collect phoenix ” of “ Buddha bosom, ling Baofeng is his “ abdomen and ham ” , with respect to day peak it is ” of its “ crus, the slope austral Dong Yan is ” of its “ leg. Of acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person is, as it happens of world-famous happy hill big Buddha sits up in “ giant sleep the deep col place of ministry of Buddha ” armpit, it seems that come true of as it happens Buddha of Tang Dynasty carve person the “ heart of the implied meaning is Buddha ” and sage of archaic folk “ namely stem from alar ” say, formed the marvellous spectacle that there is Buddha ” in “ Buddha.
“ is giant sleep the formation of Buddha ” , it is created by nature after all, be still the ancients craftsmanship? Opinions vary temporarily, for “ giant sleep Buddha ” added more mysterious color.

The optimal position that views and admire ” of “ gigantic Buddha is in happy hill city dock of Dong Leshan harbor is taken, herein looks south look at, yun Tianzhi is in Dan Jianbi water, tremendous Buddha body horizontal stroke is born for nothing, unruffled freely is smooth lie river side, day of clever interest of be good at movie becomes majestic appearance, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment.