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Happy Shandafo
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Ancient have next eyebrow of high mountain of “ go to court, Chao Lingyun ” say, chisel of world-renowned happy hill big Buddha is in Min river, Qing Yijiang, big cross a riverOn the rock wall that converge is in, sit for the Maitreya picture. At the beginning of Zong Kaiyuan of Yu Tangxuan of cut of figure of Buddha year (the Christian era 713 years) , it is the sea connects bonze to be weaken flow of water, general crosses all living creatures and initiate the manpower that enrol collect, material resources repairs authentic, to heart Zong Zhenyuan 19 years (the Christian era 803 years) finishing, last a period of time 90 carry.
On December 6, 1996, delicate eyebrows hill---Happy Shandafo is approved to be “ world culture and natural heritage ” by U.N. Educational, include formally " world bequest directory " .
Big Buddha posture is well-balanced, divine outward appearance is solemn and respectful, certain according to hill, face Jiang Wei to sit. Dafotong is 71 meters tall, the head is 10 meters wide, bob 1021, side is 7 meters long, grow 5.6 meters nasally, eyebrow is 5.6 meters long, the look is 3.3 meters long, shoulder breadth 28 meters, finger is 8.3 meters long, instep is 8.5 meters wide, can surround sit 100 people above, by the poet praise be “ hill is one honour Buddha, buddha is ” of a hill, for world the biggest Buddha (the biggest lapidarian Maitreya Buddha on the world sits picture) . Big Buddha is left, ” of day of edge “ hole goes down is a plank road built along a cliff of reach the clouds only then upright, full-length nearly 500 meters. 9 a plank road built along a cliff are on the right side of.