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Clever pagoda
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Clever pagoda tower of renown reach the clouds, because its tower aloft the summit of clever treasure summit after temple of reach the clouds, reason names with mountain peak. The tower is built at Tang Dynasty, tower form shows cone of all directions of close brim type, bricky build by laying bricks or stones and into, sit Dong Xiangxi, 38 meters tall, in all 13 class. Tower body is hollow, inside truly ” stone axis of rank edge tower circles to the top. Cat head is quadrilateral assemble pointed type. Tower of small wild goose of the structure of clever pagoda and style and Xi'an is similar.
Month of clever pagoda night
Every class opens clever pagoda eye having a window, already can daylighting, can look at everywhere for tourist again. Cat head of climb a hill, eye shot is open, the east chain of mountains overlaps, imposing manner is grand; Classics building hides it is thus clear that south, east slope building; Jiang Shui is like west universal have diarrhoea comes, 3 high mountain are like sea of boat cloud drift; In whole town of bird's eye Le Shan, like a volant colour phoenix Fu lies on green wave. It is thing north and south really, spectacular.

According to situation of mountains and rivers-land, build the purpose of this tower, still basically regard 3 rivers as the mark of confluent place. Tall the 71 big Buddha of rice are to press down water to protect restful, clever pagoda regards regular boat as the mark, make boater raises attention, so that safety is crossed,cross race dangerous shoal, nowadays, clever pagoda already made the one coordinate keep in mind of fine state ancient city, via Sichuan government office of the civil administration that save a person is announced protect an unit for cultural relic.