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Buddha country heaven
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After visitting happy Shandafo when people, left travel is less than 200 meters, become aware Buddhist sound is circled suddenly, ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes is unripe brightness, on a Gu Shucan day, Song Zhucang's emerald green Dan Xiafeng, emerge in large numbers gives the copy the Tang Dynasty with a grand lofty hall of ancient formula official, the country of Buddha of outspread landscape —— that it is connotation of culture of happy hill big Buddha heaven.

Buddha country ancient building of heaven be in harmony, rub cliff statue, sculpture, mural, coloured drawing or pattern is an organic whole, the scenery is beautiful, ancient construction of type of copy the Tang Dynasty has 12 monomer such as hall of stage of ladder of door of crossover, day, day, cloud, scaling ladder, 3 big treasure, maitreya gold Buddha installs appearance bema, smiling face of big abdomen Buddha welcomes guest, fairy flying Apsaras, megalosaurus is voluminous, carved beams and painted rafters, golden wall is brilliant; More than meters 1000 carved stone a covered corridor or walk is engraved have with " Maitreya 3 classics " it is a basis with Dunhuang mural, shaping is elegant, the Maitreya Buddha life of full of humour and wit and classics misfortune thing, it and happy Shandafo echo each other at a distance, its culture connotation is rich, it is the wonderful scenery that after tourist visits happy Shandafo, is worth to swim.