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Courtyard of buddhist of reach the clouds
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Overload wine wells balanced, look is admired inspect, lord it over of door of temple of temple of reach the clouds, upturned eaves be high up in the air, red wall green, lofty is grand. Gao Xuan is tremendous in the middle of temple door golden plaque, go up ” of courtyard of buddhist of reach the clouds of “ of book of collect Sudong slope 4 words. Article of both sides couplet is “ great river east go, power of Buddha comes to ” on the west. This couplet concise and comprehensive, make the person has the feeling with majestic power of Buddha already, made clear crouch of place of temple of reach the clouds again situation, ably “ two words of big Buddha ” are embedded at among them, showed the uncommon momentum of this chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

At the beginning of Tang Kaiyuan year (the Christian era 713 years) when cut figure of Buddha, temple word has extend again. According to " Fang Yusheng sees " account: Before “ meeting prosperous, the peak has temple ” each, before visible meeting prosperous the be current of the wind of Buddha of given to flattery. But attend a meeting prosperous 4, 5 years, as a result of Tang Wu path of Zong Liyan raise ors Buddha, because of ” of the world of clumsy of bad news of Buddhist monks and nuns, give orders to destroy Buddha, cloister of hill of reach the clouds only temple of reach the clouds be able to clever ” of “ work essence of life and save. Cen Can " ascend temple of fine city reach the clouds " one poem ever temples of such depict reach the clouds: “The temple gives flyer outside, qing Feng carries Zhu Lou “ not to pass, the temple that we see today, not be Tang Dynasty former appearance already. Temple of Tang Jianling cloud, destroy chaos caused by war of Yu Yuanshun emperor, bright generation had bigger repair twice, bright end via destroying. Temple of existent reach the clouds is Qing Kangxi 6 years (the Christian era 1667) build afresh. Later via repairing fine and soft for many times, after be being liberated especially, maintain ceaselessly, saved now appearance.

Courtyard of buddhist of reach the clouds is the ternary siheyun structure that forms via the building by day king hall, old grand hall, Tibet, red wall green, greenery sets off one another. The day is tree of very tall ancient Mu Nan before king hall, cent of the two side outside the hall is listing 4 bright Qing Dynasty a record of events inscribed on a tablet of words of two Dai Chongxiu temple. Hall Neizhengzhong statue sits for the Maitreya picture, po abdomen smiles happily, common calls “ ” of big abdomen arhat. Both sides divides a statue of 4 days of big king, assemble eyebrow glower, martial and magnificent. Day king bring up the rear carries a hall on the back for Wei, consecrate woodcarving installs Wei of the god that protect a law to carry on the back. Cross day of Wang Dian, build big Xiong Baodian for bright generation, it is a monk numerous the main place that holds religious activity. Hall Neizhengzhong sits up 3 bodies resemble Sakyamuni (today body, should body, newspaper body) , modelling is beautiful, bearing is grave. Both sides divides a 18 arhat, divine body each different, lifelike. The reverse side of hall of big male treasure is the clean bottle avalokitesvara of new model, different of article of line of both sides branch, Pu Xian, ground hides and general trends resembles to 4 Bodhisattva, it is the work before bright generation.
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