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Sea lion hole
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The sponsor that happy Shandafo makes is the sea connects bonze. The sea is connected is Guizhou person, in Yun Shan of knot Mao Yuling. River seeing Min, black clothes river, big cross a river 3 rivers gather together the foot of a mountain of reach the clouds, every time Xia Xun, river water pounds hill wall continuously like ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead, often capsize boat division, cause a boat to destroy the tragedy that the person dies, for this, determination resembles greatly by Buddha of cliff cut Maitreya, desire supernatural power of rely on immensity, weaken flow of water, always press down wind billows. Then, the sea connects a Buddhist monk to all over and other places of sea of the Huaihe River of north and south of travel great river, two lakes, raise money manpower financial capacity, cut big Buddha. After figure of Buddha begins construction, county official is blackmailed build funds, aroused the clinking anger that the sea understands, in stern words rejects “ to look oneself but cut out, buddha money is god-given ” county official take advantage of one's power bully people, say instead: “ tries ” sea connects inspiring awe by upholding justice in the future, easy “ picks out oneself its look, hold Pan Zhizhi ” in both hands. Because official is big Jing, run pray regret ” . The sea connects this kind of for a particular cause to forget the travel of the body, make corrupt official penitent not only, incentive also numerous heart, ke Cheng its annals.