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Foam if hall
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Foam if hall be located in corner of Ling Baofeng northwest, a house owned by a citizen that combines mural form by one Chinese and Western repairs beanstalk and become, Blue bricks ash is made of baked clay, simple and refined. The modern culture that is born in happy hill sanded bay for souvenir greats master this to Guo Mei is like and be built. Foam of door forehead “ is like 3 words of hall ” to be book of the place austral Chutu, the door the couplet that two side are compose of well-known writer Ma Shitu. The first line of a couplet on a scroll: Bell of high mountain eyebrow is clever, cross casting fetch greatly, china is conceived only, li Shu fastens a heart, pen shakedown the land of country, it is eminent writer instinctive quality really; The second line of a couplet: Goddess Jing world, qu Yuan is strong soul, thunder is eulogy, hong Bo spends music, the poem becomes sob ghosts and gods, as expected Mingshi is tasteful, if be in China,height extolled Guo Mei the position on literary history and outstanding achievement.

On the about 10 meters step before hall, stand erect is worn foam of one honour Guo is like systemic bronze, make an appointment with 3 meters high. Statuary by establish 6. 5 meters tall granitic gigantic pen, case of Liang Tu of Nie of goddess, Qu Yuan, phoenix is engraved on shaft. Gigantic point to blue sky straight, indicative Guo Mei is like the achievement with eternal aeon.

Foam if hall if research center and data center are in,save Guo Mei for Sichuan, if career achievement picture is mixed,displaying Guo Mei all sorts of composing version, and the research achievement exhibition that is like about Guo Mei.