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Big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow
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Hotel name: Big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow Between the standard:
Hotel star class: ★ of ★ ★ ★ Medicinal powder between guest RMB 400.00/ . Day
Have posture place: Hill of high mountain eyebrow dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland temple Between group RMB 350.00/ . Day

Other room:

Hotel brief introduction:
Big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow only then achieve 1989, be located in the beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow with pretty scenery to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland by the temple, cover an area of 57000 square metre, the conference of business affairs of 4 stars class of directly under of Inc. of travel of hill of the eyebrow that fasten high mountain is recreational model hot spring hotel. Court type is built group strewn at random have send, set off one another at green hill in green water, bell dusk rouses Ke Wenchen, use up the Shan Zhiling that touch celestial being to enrage, happy person is like scene the four seasons spring. The hotel has room of sweet and comfortable president flatlet, luxurious flatlet, administration flatlet, business affairs, administration room and various level, odd world in all 425 (set) .
Cate corridor is located in hotel yoga riverside, assemble eat, recreational, recreation, preserve one's health, realize at an organic whole, it is hill of high mountain eyebrow most recreation place of concentration. Include peaceful of arrange of house of Japanese arrange oriental cherry, Thailand bar of a meter of the breakfast of the man in A of arrange of delicious, Korea, extensive pattern, house that think of tea, sunshine, migrant, this life has about, coffee of stay at home idle of other people of eyebrow of bar of home of Kyoto taste, Korea, sunshine, high mountain, white cloud, port, east bank. Diurnal cate corridor, . .

Business affairs establishment:  

Big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow is hill of high mountain eyebrow first conference hotel, the size auditoria that has different type, different dimensions in all 6, among them muti_function auditoria can hold 500 people at the same time, international auditoria can hold 800 people. Provide facility of advanced multimedia acoustic image, the conference major that provides high level serves, be the ideal that holds of all kinds meeting anthology. The conference facilities equipment that the hotel can supply has multimedia voting system of umbriferous indication system, conference discussion system, election, long-distance network can inspect conference system, sound to transmit system, recording to photograph like the number picture system, communal broadcast system of lighting of system, professional show, AV. .

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