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Hotel of international of rich happy Shan Jiuzhou
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Continous of — of city of Chinese science and technology is in relief Continous in relief — is ancient call ” Fu city ” , the history is long, from BC 201 years Chinese since great-great-grandfather installs Fu county, already had 2200 old histories, it is the mankind the mother of silk of yuan of the wife of a prince of Chu Zuhuang emperor the birthplace of Lei ancestor, the Chinese nation builds the founder of dynasty of summer of the first country---Big Yu Ye of hero of prevent floods by water control is born hereat. Of all ages, be pregnant with numerous worthy: Husky man of Li Diaoyuan of Ou Yangxiu of acting eminent writer of Li Bai of Tang Dynasty great poet, the Song Dynasty, clear acting talent, neoteric, two play sow of Deng of a man of great merit to wait first. Had the honor to win sanitation of national park city, country early or late the multinomial special honour such as demonstrative city of environment of house of person of improvement of city of first-class travel of city of city, model of national environmental protection, China, U.N. , it is the city of the travel of be worthy of the name, city of wisdom! Brilliant history Hotel start business on March 6, 1997, it is hotel of class of first SamSung of continous in relief city, and in April 2002 assess is restaurant of gardens of 4 stars class. As continous this world Wu of city's main government affairs, meeting recieves a hotel, the hotel was recieved successfully early or late Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Gu Qinglin, Ceng Qinggong, Huang Ju, Wu Guanzheng, , and Syria, the foreign dynast such as Albania president and international know a personage. Regard continous in relief area as hotel of meeting Wu first selection, the hotel welcomed plenary session of the 2nd sports of countrywide successfully, 915 programs job meets exposition of countrywide science and technology, country, class of ministry of construction of city of continous in relief science and technology coordinates social security of meeting, whole nation to work hydromechanical forum of meeting, Asia, judgment is sound the country is agency annual meeting, medium the national level such as tounament of boxing of annual meeting of oil international company, world, international conference, the height that gained personage of guest of China and foreign countries, all circles reputably, the window action of industry of travel of city of this world that it is continous made enormous contribution.

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