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Hotel of international of rich happy Shan Jiuzhou
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Brief introduction of hotel of international of rich happy Shan Jiuzhou Hotel Information Fule Jiuzhou International Hotel Hotel of international of rich happy Shan Jiuzhou is located in air the beauty spot of rich happy hill with pure and fresh, beautiful environment, cover an area of 225 mus, first phase rebuilds the project covers an area of 72 mus. All round relics of the Three Kingdoms is numerous, garden of China scientist sculpture, two play one star museum to border the foot falls. Have culture of powerful the kingdom of Shu Han and atmosphere of modern science and technology. Be apart from south outskirt airport Cheng of 20 minutes of cars, be apart from downtown 10 minutes car Cheng, be apart from world-class beauty spot channel of 9 stockaded village Cheng of 5 hours of cars, beauty spot of delicate eyebrows hill Cheng of 4 hours of cars. Circumjacent nature and humanitarian tourist attraction are numerous: Door of native place of big temple of 7 caboodle of Le Shan, SamSung, hill, Li Bai, sword is ancient path, Wang Lang is natural groove guard, pay a debt of gratitude … of hot spring of hill of hole of temple, simian king, Luo Fu… Hotel of international of hotel predecessor Fu Leshan on March 6, 1997 practice, ever was hotel of class of SamSung of home of our city head, rose in April 2002 judge for hotel of gardens of 4 stars class. As continous this world Wu of city's main government affairs, meeting recieves a hotel, the hotel was recieved successfully early or late Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Gu Qinglin, Ceng Qinggong, Huang Ju, Wu Guanzheng, , and the foreign dynast such as president of Syria, Albania and international know a personage. Regard continous in relief area as hotel of meeting Wu first selection, the hotel ever welcomed exposition of science and technology of the 2nd sports congress of countrywide, whole nation, state successfully 915 programs work class of ministry of construction of city of in relief science and technology of meeting, continous coordinates social security of meeting, whole nation to work hydromechanical forum of meeting, Asia, judgment is sound country agency annual meeting, , the height that gained personage of guest of China and foreign countries, all circles reputably, promoted the prosperity of our city economy, to the our city interacts external and arrived since connection the window is mixed demonstrative action, because this gets,the height of our city leader is evaluated and pay close attention to. In April 2005, according to continous this world investment of municipal government of city municipal Party committee is pointed to draft “ through changing extend hotel of international of will rich happy Shan Jiuzhou builds home of our city head ” of hotel of class of Lin Shiwu star, hotel at of the same age close a business undertook first phase rebuilds on November 29 project, international hotel throws the rich happy Shan Jiuzhou that rebuilds newly on August 7, 2006 operation. The hotel has guest room 133, bed counts 184, advocate building building is 4 tall, the hall is used super- Jing Yin, brand-new in the center of type of wind terrestrial heat air conditioning, have a guest to use elevator, advocate the building is rear have 5 colors respectively the independence of each different is villatic. The hotel used guest room intelligence to change the contemporary facilities facilities such as system of system of administrative system, central air conditioning, fire control linkage. Digit of hotel total eat 890: Rich Yue building has various distinguishing feature elegant 25, eat digit 260, set panorama lift, all elegant all provide liquid crystal TV, high-quality goods luxurious home all, independent toilet and major pass dish mouth; Aiyalixi dining-room area 260 smooth rice, can hold 120 people have dinner; Flexibly area of hall banqueting hall 510 smooth rice, can hold 350 people at the same time repast; Bright and beautiful area of dining-room of fragrant garden gust: 80 smooth rice, can accommodate 50- - 60 people repast, with characteristic plain dish, local characteristic dish is given priority to; Head area of Er Korea dining-room 130 smooth rice, can accommodate 70- - 80 person repast
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