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Guesthouse of Le Shanshan bay
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Guesthouse of Le Shanshan bay Shanwan Hotel

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Hotel of bay of happy hill hill is old
BigDining room of hotel of Le Shanshan bay
Dining-roomHairdressing of guesthouse of bay of happy hill hill beautifies hair
Hairdressing beautifies hair guesthouse of bay of   Leshan hill is restaurant of a travel, be located in beauty spot of travel of happy hill big Buddha, the river that lie between Min and photograph of look into the distance from a high place of look into the distance from a high place of happy hill city look. Be apart from happy hill urban district 2 kilometers, the mountain of high mountain eyebrow that produces from world nature and culture dispatch 30 kilometers, as happy as —— of world the biggest Buddha Shandafo only 4 kilometers. Border highway of area of scene of happy hill big Buddha, communication is easy, it is happy hill churchyard cannot much travel is recreational the good place that crosses a holiday.
Guesthouse of bay of happy hill hill is one of garden type guesthouse with not much amount to of happy hill city. Be for guesthouse by recognition in the garden, the garden is in guesthouse. There is hill to have water inside the house, air is fresh, element has “ natural oxygen of ” say. Guesthouse is built with classic Chinese style group for fundamental key, with guesthouse advocate the building gives priority to a line, radiation gives club of villatic, international, south the many buildings such as the building group. Main building reposes in 3 hill bay respectively, ” of guesthouse of “ hill bay also gets a name because of this and come. Numerous management area adjacent of each other photograph, each other is an organic whole. Guesthouse advocate building back green hill, face a pond, set off of more than 10 mus a clear water gives its enchanting romantic charm. Medium, Western-style two villa and international club repose in near neighbour advocate in the hill bay of the building, environmental quiet and beautiful, be charmed making a person. Be built in another hill bay south building, all round greenery is shady, spend sweet bird language.
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