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Guesthouse of happy Shan Jiazhou
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Guesthouse of happy Shan Jiazhou Jiazhou Hotel

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Exterior of guesthouse of happy Shan Jiazhou
The exteriorHotel of happy Shan Jiazhou is old
BigGuest room of hotel of happy Shan Jiazhou
Guesthouse of happy Shan Jiazhou of   of picture of guest room more is Le Shan restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of city head home, the area in be located in Sichuan to visit happy hill town crosses riverside greatly, 3 rivers collect the point that shed, as big as world-famous Le Shan Buddha, invisible sleep Buddha lies between Jiang Xiangwang; With hill of celestial being of high mountain eyebrow, 3 revive native place, Guo Mei is like former residence and national level virgin forest park- - hill of made of baked clay house is in nearly very close.
The facility inside guesthouse of happy Shan Jiazhou is complete, the service is good, have home of central air conditioning, computer elevator, international hall of graph article fax, coffee, bar, sauna massages center of center, rehabilitation, hairdressing center, swimming-pool, nightclub, card pulls OK dining-room of hall, ballroom, bazaar, Chinese and Western, advanced banqueting hall, muti_function assembly room; Have the luxurious flatlet that can reach 0 settle or live in a strange places for welcoming group of the conference of all sorts of norms, class, tourism, level, the adornment inside the room is sweet, elegant.
  • 1953 practice Decorated 2005
  • Address: Street of white tower of the area in happy hill city 19
  • Postcode: 614000
  • Phone: 0833-2139888
  • Fax: 0833-2156006