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Restaurant of happy Shandong wind
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Restaurant of happy Shandong wind Dongfeng Hotel

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Exterior of restaurant of happy Shandong wind
The exteriorHotel of happy Shandong wind is old
BigRestaurant of happy Shandong wind 3 worlds
Picture of 3 worlds more

Restaurant of happy Shandong wind is located in Le Shan of “ of world the biggest Buddha downtown of big Buddha ” is flourishing port. North connects Chengdu double stream the airport, can touch the Yangtse River continuously by ship 3 gorge, be apart from happy high speed 2.5 kilometers, east be apart from big Buddha 2 kilometers, communication is very easy.
Restaurant of happy Shandong wind only then built 1985, decorate at rebuilding in the round 2007. Between existing and luxurious standard, ritzy odd world, luxurious flatlet, 3 worlds, can welcome the large tourism group that 200 people control at the same time. The humanitarian connotation that restaurant general takes Wu, top-ranking contemporary establishment, perfect astral class service, high grade with perfect form a complete set creats ” of warm Home “ . Restaurant insists to be with the person this, with what multiply high service laugh greets all directions guest.
  • 1985 practice Decorated 2007
  • Address: Happy hill Jia Dingna road 176
  • Postcode: 614000
  • Phone: 0833-2134560, 2130840
  • Fax: 0833-2130998
  • Room amount () : 104
  • Surroundings: Shopping square of happy Shandafo, Ma Erchun day