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Guesthouse of happy Shan Damei
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Exterior of guesthouse of happy Shan Damei
The exteriorHotel of happy Shan Damei is old
BigGuest room of hotel of happy Shan Damei
City of   of picture of guest room more the square of times of life square —— with the biggest southwest of vicinity of guesthouse of big foam of happy hill of bright and beautiful booth, with main shopping center, office building, bank and governmental office photograph adjacent, stand from passenger transport center 1.5 kilometers, big Buddha of happy hill of bequest of culture of world of adjacent 4A class only 3 kilometers, traffic is convenient. There is telecommunication respectively all round, mobile edifice, boreal capital couplet, barbara enlighten hall, shallow water bay is met, europe countryside recreation is met, roll rock club, jin Manlou, dragon spring beans spends the meal public place of entertainment such as the village. Urban bright and beautiful wells balanced big desert guesthouse has flatlet, between mark, cell more than 100, set assembly room, business affairs center, dining-room and coffee wait. We are your business affairs, recreational brigade prepared meticulously quick, sweet, meticulous service.
  • 2007 practice
  • Address: Highway of the Ou Jiazhou in happy hill city 198
  • Postcode: 614000
  • Phone: 0833-2439888
  • Fax: 0833-2427438
  • Room amount () : 85
  • Surroundings: Happy Shandafo

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