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Hotel of Shan Huasheng of high mountain eyebrow
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Hotel name: Hotel of Shan Huasheng of high mountain eyebrow Between the standard:
Hotel star class: ★ of ★ ★ ★ Medicinal powder between guest RMB 400.00/ . Day
Have posture place: The road austral light of Buddha of city of hill of high mountain eyebrow Between group RMB 380.00/ . Day

Other room:

Hotel brief introduction:
China unripe hotel (HUA SHENG HOTEL) it is You Huasheng the 4 stars class of build of investment of industrial limited company is high-grade hotel. The hotel is located in south light of Buddha of city of hill of high mountain eyebrow road, cover an area of area 6800M2. Hotel adjoin overlooks courtyard of buddhist of big Buddha of Buddhist name Buddhist templeput on the brakes, environmental grace, communication is easy (area of scene of hill of the eyebrow that be apart from high mountain Cheng of 5 minutes of cars, be apart from a railway station 5 minutes car Cheng) . According to investment of 5 stars standard build China gave birth to hotel silver 2004, use by investment now. The hotel has high level, between luxurious standard, flatlet of business affairs cell, administration, luxurious flatlet, president flatlet 335; Deploy muti_function auditoria of hall, international, advanced negotiate center of room, business affairs, various medium, on the west, city of center of cafeteria, peace and happiness, KTV.   
The hotel sets guest room of luxurious 3 flatlet, luxurious double flatlet, business affairs and standard guest room 158.   
The hotel is deployed large muti_function assembly room of auditoria of hall, international, administration, advanced parlor;  
The hotel sets Chinese meal hall, Western-style food hall, cafeteria, banqueting hall, card to pull OK hall, nightclub, KTV between the bag, center of peace and happiness (hairdressing beautifies hair room, gym, sauna, massage, the tennis court, swimming-pool outdoor) , electronic recreation center, billiards room; Washhouse is offerred dry, wet wash a service; Business affairs center is offerred secretary, interpreter, fax, DDD, IDD, Chinese and English type, Internet, business affairs negotiates wait for a service. China unripe hotel will be guest of China and foreign countries goes vacationing, the optimal place of conference of travel, business affairs.

Business affairs establishment:  

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