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Gong Zhushan guesthouse
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Hotel name: Gong Zhushan guesthouse Between the standard:
Hotel star class: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ Medicinal powder between guest RMB 520.00/ . Day
Have posture place: City of delicate eyebrows hill dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland temple Between group RMB 480.00/ . Day

Other room:
Administrative room comes loose guest: Between RMB780.00/ . Group of weather administration room: Between RMB750.00/ . Room of day hill scene comes loose guest: Between RMB900.00/ . Day
Group of hill scene room: Between RMB850.00/ . Room of day lake scene comes loose guest: Between RMB1250.00/ . Group of room of day lake scene: Between RMB1180.00/ . Day

Hotel brief introduction:

Gong Zhushan hotel is located in the foot of a mountain of hill of eyebrow of high mountain of —— of world nature and culture bequest, dedicate oneself to the service of his motherland with “ of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of the world name temple ” apart is not worth 200 meters. Guesthouse covers an area of 440 thousand square metre, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 95% above; The mountain peak inside the house is bristly, gully freely, laky surround, lake area area exceeds 100000 square metre, air loses oxygen ion to monitor a value to be 3000 times of urban average.

Center of conference of international of Gong Zhushan guesthouse has the auditoria of 22 different measurement, different function, the meeting that can hold 1000 people above is held at the same time. Conference center deploys synchronism of video of simultaneous interpretation system, frequency to transmit lamplight of voting system of system, conference, setting to change liquid crystal of system, conference automatically to indicate system, automatic recording to photograph umbriferous like system, multimedia system to wait. No matter size conference all matchs the conference that stock trains through major to serve personnel to be you wholeheartedly,appropriate arranges everything, the meeting Wu that lets you becomes relaxed and cheerful, in an orderly way.

500 fill the landscape room of landscape vogue amorous feelings, exceed the window since big be born to blend in you completely the encircle of nature. Wave of light howl of vicinity the soughing of the wind in the pines, lake ripples, peak of far trailing plants is gotten or entangled of cloud and mist, or far Shan Rudai, the harmony that realizes person and scene truly blends.

In the forest that if the poem is picturesque,is in, red bead lake relatively, sample cate of elegant Chinese and Western, those who enjoy is delicate not only, healthy, it is a kind of art more.
Business affairs establishment:  

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